What Your Organization Can Do With SouthWings

Watershed Monitoring


  • Examine areas that are inaccessible by land.
  • Monitor compliance with regulations.
  • Educate policymakers about watershed issues.
  • Locate, photograph and document sources of pollution.
Land Conservation


  • Monitor conservancy lands and easements.
  • Identify critical habitats for preservation.
  • Evaluate effects of urban sprawl.
  • Monitor industrial extraction of resources.
Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining


  • Educate the public, policymakers and media about coal extraction.
  • Gain visual access to areas that are off limits to the general public.
  • Evaluate compliance with environmental laws.
  • Experientially understand the scale of the problem.
Organizational and Program Development


  • Educate your funders and board about your work.
  • Engage the media to understand your program from a different point of view.
  • Air truth mapping projects.
  • Inform project work by using the landscape scale to evaluate your study area

Have questions? Check out the How to Use SouthWings FAQ.