SouthWings Opens New Regional Office in New Orleans

We are pleased to announce the opening of our first ever expansion office in New Orleans.  Expanding on our history of engagement in Gulf conservation efforts since 1998, the opening of SouthWings' New Orleans office gives us a long-desired permanent presence on the Gulf Coast.  Especially since the acute environmental trauma of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, SouthWings has increased our activity in the Gulf, building organizational infrastructure, designing programs, and recruiting pilots to better support our Gulf-area partners in monitoring threats to and restoration of the region's sensitive coastal ecosystems.    

We are also excited to welcome former SouthWings staffer, Meredith Dowling, as the new Gulf Program Director.
Meredith holds a BA in Environmental Studies from Oberlin College and will earn an MS in Environmental Science and a Master of Public Affairs from Indiana University's School of Public and Environmental Affairs in December 2012. Meredith first came to SouthWings in 2008 to manage the Appalachia flight program.  We welcome Meredith back and are proud to have her continue our work with our Gulf-area partners and pilots.

To request a Gulf-area flight, contact Meredith at or at 504-717-4737.