Featured Flight Partner: SC Coastal Conservation League

Photo: Patrick Moore, SCCCL

On December 20, 2010 SouthWings pilot Hap Endler flew with the South Carolina Coastal Conservation League's Legislative Director Patrick Moore, The Nature Conservancy-SC's Director of Government Relations, Christina McGregor, and State Senator Vincent Sheheen to look at watershed issues. The flight gave a bird's eye view of the Wateree floodplain, the Congaree National Park and the surrounding areas.

Of the flight experience Senator Sheheen shared, "Seeing the Wateree River from the air with Southwings was a great experience. The unique aerial view of this important River reminds us that we have to work hard to protect the water resources of South Carolina."

More pictures from the flight are below, all provided by Patrick Moore. Thank you, Senator Sheheen, for taking the time to fly with SouthWings and look at the environment from a different perspective. SouthWings' work would not be possible without our amazing flight partners like SCCCL and TNC and volunteer pilots like Hap Endler.

Coal ash pond and clear cuts.

Happy passengers: Patrick Moore left, pilot Hap Endler middle and Senator Sheheen on the right.

sccclcoal_moundforweb.jpgPower plant coal mound

Oxbow bend

Patrick Moore of SCCCL ready to go!