Our Work: Flights

Landslides in Jackson County, NC 05-24-10
SouthWings pilots Hap Endler and Tom Komer flew 3 flights over landslides in Jackson County, NC to provide the aerial perspective on this issue for planning board members, county staff, and staff and board members of local nonprofits.

Save the Homosassa River Alliance 03-11-10
On February 26th SouthWings flew with the Save the Homosassa River Alliance (SHRA) out of Crystal River, FL as part of a Nature Coast meeting sponsored by the Gulf Restoration Network and SouthWings. The flight looked at several spots along the Nature Coast including a mangrove restoration that SHRA has done. One focus of the flight was freshwater springs which feed the coastal estuaries. See more pictures from the flight below from Athena Philips.

Savannah Riverkeeper 12-15-09
On December 3rd SouthWings flew in Georgia with the Savannah Riverkeeper to look at compliance issues in the watershed and educate SouthWings' staffer Caroline Douglas about the Riverkeeper's work and cypress issues.

Mobile Manatees Sighting Network and Dauphin Island Sea Lab 09-16-09
On June 13 and September 4, 2009 SouthWings' pilot Dan Luke flew two flights with the Mobile Manatees Sighting Network, a project of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, to look for endangered manatees in coastal Alabama.

Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy 08-04-09
On July 24, 2009 SouthWings flew with the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy (SAHC) in North Carolina to observe SAHC-held conservation easement properties as part of their monitoring program. In particular the flight passengers - Hanni Muerdter (Stewardship and Conservation Planning Director) and Neal Maker (Stewardship AmeriCorps Intern) - were viewing properties to look for any alterations/changes to help determine if the conservation values of these tracts are being upheld.

Gulf Gathering 06-04-09
On May 8th SouthWings flew six flights with pilots, David Mauritson and Dan Luke in support of the Gulf Restoration Network’s (GRN) Gulf Gathering Conference. The flights examined issues facing the Gulf including cypress logging for mulch, wetlands loss, increasing development and impacts from coal fired power plants.

Mobile Baykeeper 03-18-09
On March 6th SouthWings flew with Mobile Baykeeper to look at a discharge from the McDuffie Coal Terminal run by the Alabama State Port Authority in Mobile, AL.

Smithsonian Magazine and BBC News 12-30-08
In January 2008 SouthWings flew with Smithsonian Magazine writer John McQuaid to provide him the aerial perspective on the issue of mountaintop removal coal mining. On September 3, 2008, SouthWings flew photographer Paul Corbit Brown to obtain photos for the article.

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and Natural Resources Defense Council 10-30-08
On September 7th, actress Ashley Judd, author and musician Silas House, and community member Rully Urias shared a flight with SouthWings’ pilot Tom Komer to look at mountaintop removal coal mining (MTR) in Eastern Kentucky. The flight was requested by SouthWings’ long-time flight partner, the Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.

Rainbow River Conservation, Withlacoochee Area Residents, and Save the Homosassa River Alliance 06-26-08
SouthWings' staff visited Crystal River, Florida on June 5, 2008. With pilots Roy Zimmer and Dave and Ruth Taisch, three flights were conducted for organizations working to protect the Nature Coast. Participants in the flights included Rainbow River Conservation, Withlacoochee Area Residents, and Save the Homosassa River Alliance.